Think Tank Review Project

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The 2007 Bunkum Awards in Education  (2006)

The Think Tank Review Project provides the public, policy makers, and the press with timely, academically sound reviews of selected think-tank publications. The project is a collaborative effort of the Education Policy Research Unit (EPRU) at Arizona State University and the Education and the Public Interest Center (EPIC) at the University of Colorado.

Reports on the following topics will be reviewed:
  1. Charter Schools and Public School Choice
  2. Vouchers and Tuition Tax Credits
  3. Deprofessionalization of Teaching
  4. NCLB and Accountability/Testing
  5. Sorting and Stratification of Opportunities
  6. Privatization and EMOs
  7. Education of English Language Learners
  8. Virtual/Online Learning
  9. School Funding
  10. Early Childhood Education
  11. Home Schooling

Professor Alex Molnar (Arizona State University) and Professor Kevin Welner (University of Colorado at Boulder) are the project co-directors. Wendy Chi is the project research assistant.

The Think Tank Review Project is made possible by funding from the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Review Project: Review Panel